Pica Pica

ACEITUNAS: citrus and herb marinated house olives • 3
GARBANZOS FRITOS: La Vara spiced fried chickpeas • 3
ANCHOAS EN ACEITE: imported anchovies with sesame and hazelnuts • 11
SARDINA A LA ANTIGUA: Galician olive oil cured sardine, seasonal pickle, charred bread • 7
HUEVOS DE CODORNIZ: quail eggs with green tahini, peel and eat! • 5


ALCACHOFA: fried artichokes, anchovy alioli • 9
BERENJENA CON MIEL: crispy eggplant w/honey, melted cheese, nigella seed • 8
BRICK DE ACELGAS: crispy bundles of swiss chard, black kale, pine nuts, currants • 9
CROQUETA DEL DÍA changes daily • 5
RAYA EN ADOBO: crispy marinated skate, Andaluz style • 11


MOLLETES: Sevillan pita filled with bacon paprika stew • 8
COCA DE CEBES: Mallorcan flatbread, roasted onions, blue cheese • 6
PAN AMB TOMACA: tomato rubbed bread w/olive oil, mojama, and nori • 8
W/ PALETA AND CABECERO IBÉRICO, (Imported cured meats) • 15

Frios y Ensaladas

MOJE: layered salad of imported tuna, olives, endive, marcona almond • 14
ESCALIVADA: charred peppers, leeks and okra, romesco • 13
PINCHO DE CEUTA: Gibraltar style grilled chicken hearts, fresh herb salad, lime-date vinaigrette • 13
REMOJÓN: citrus and house cured salt cod salad, olives, pistachios, pistachio oil, egg, pomegranate • 14
REMOLACHA: roasted beets, watercress, cold pressed sunflower oil, sunflower seeds • 9


CONEJO EN ESCABECHE: stuffed rabbit loin poached in sweet onion vinaigrette w/prunes, olive, saffron • 18
CORDERO AL AJO CABAÑIL: cumin roasted lamb breast, scallion, preserved lemon-date condiment • 18
GURULLOS: handmade Murcian pasta, goat butter, ground goat (optional), Sumac • 15
CARABINEROS: imported Spanish Red Shrimp a la plancha preserved lemon • m/p
LENGUA LLUCMAÇENES: Menorcan braised beef tongue, tomato-caper sauce, peas, carrots • 17
POLLO ASADO: half Murray's chicken, roasted over spiced onions, coriander, cumin • 18
ALBÓNDIGAS: lamb meatballs, mint yogurt • 12
SEPIA AMB MANDOGUILLES: Catalán surf and turf of glazed cuttlefish stuffed with Sobrasada, wilted local greens • 16
FIDEUÁ: Valencian style noodle paella, shrimp, squid, clams, alioli • 16
GARBANZO RINCONCILLO: chickpea and spinach stew • 8
PESCADO A LA SAL: Salt baked fish of the day with harrisa ajada • m/p

Postres • 8

Torta Santiago: Galician Almond cake
Natillas de Arroz con Leche: Cinnamon-rose and rice scented custard with grapefruit and rosemary
Egipcio: Orange blossom scented date walnut tart, lemon curd, sweet cream
Helado de Aceite: Homemade olive oil ice cream with sea salt and Valencian olive oil
Platillo de Dulces y Turrones: Traditional Spanish cookies and almond sweets
Quesos DÍa: Daily selection of imported Spanish goats milk cheese, candied squash

• La Vara may serve certain egg, meat and seafood items raw or semi cooked. Please be advised and let your server know if you wish not to order these dishes.